The Forestry Research Area in Liliental

Die Birkensammlung

The arboretum.

In 1965 and on an area of 25 hectares, an arboretum (a scientific collection of trees and shrubs) was established and over the course of the years expanded. The purpose of this arboretum is principally the creation of a diverse-as-possible species reservoir for later cultivation work. The arboretum also serves the public as an educational facility and visual attraction showing the diversity of the woody species. In accordance with the natural broadleaved character of the Kaiserstuhl the arboretum focuses on native and exotic broadleaf tree species. As well as the broadleaved species there are also a collection of interesting, mainly exotic, coniferous species. These however do not grow so well on the chalk-rich soil. At the moment the arboretum comprises of around 350 species and varieties.



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