The Forestry Research Area in Liliental


The Seed Orchards

Forest seed orchards are selected breeding populations of forest trees, which have been assembled to serve the purposes of seed production for the forestry industry. Superior tree individuals are selected in the forest and, as in the production of fruit orchards, the trees are cloned through grafting (clone = genetically identical vegetative progeny). In each seed orchard there are always many clones and from each clone many available individuals to ensure the variety of hereditary dispositions is as great as possible. Apart from the early and frequent blossoming, the plantation trees are also advantageous in that they can be easily harvested with ladders and baskets. The desired characteristics of the orchard trees are however, difficult to see since the tree crowns are regularly cut back. The Kaiserstuhl with its mild climate and low risk of a late frost offers an ideal area for the establishment of seed orchards. At the time of writing there are around 20 hectares of seed orchards for the trees species Douglas fir, European larch, Scots pine wild cherry and lime (see map 7).

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