The Forestry Research Area  Liliental

Das Straucharten-Prüffeld

The Shrub Testing Ground

In comparison to other climatically similar regions, for example North America, the number of tree species native to central Europe is relatively small. The shrubs on the other hand, corresponding to the varied climatic and soil conditions, are represented in larger numbers. The shrub testing ground therefore has the purpose of showing the visitor the richness of the native flora. The term “testing ground” suggests at the same time that the facility serves to answer questions about the site demands and growth characteristics of the individual shrub species. After all, shrubs are used in practically all landscaping activities and it is desired that the whole variety of species is explored and used. Accordingly a second testing ground is situated at a different site on the climatically raw area of the Schwäbischen Alb near Münsingen (see map 11).

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