The Forestry Research Area in Liliental


The Elms

In Germany, three species of elm are generally recognised. These are the wych elm (Ulmus glabra Huds. Emend. Moss.), the smoothleaf elm (Ulmus minor Mill. Emend. Richens) and the white European elm (Ulmus laevis Pall.). There are however numerous hybrids. All of them are threatened by the Dutch elm disease; a usually deadly disease transmitted by a bark beetle and through root deformations. The former elm collection in Liliental has been as affected by the disease as the many wild smoothleaf elms on the escarpment. In the valley of Mühlental selected elm trees have been consciously exposed to the risk of infection since 1991. As long as single individuals are resistant, there will always be some remaining to establish new elm populations (see map 19).

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