The Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg

The assignment of the FVA

The Forest Research Institute Baden-Wuerttemberg (FVA) is the research facility of the German state Baden-Wuerttemberg

Corresponding to paragraph 76 of the State Forest Law, the FVA has the following assignment:
  • it provides rational possibilities for the forest and timber industry, to secure the utilisation, protection and recreation aspects of the forest
  • It also investigates the interactions and relationships between the forest and the environment.
. The FVA contributes thus to the maintenance of the Forest Service's expertise and competence. It also guarantees sustainable forestry on the basis of national and international obligations (e.g. Rio process and Helsinki criteria), which is valid for the entire forest area and for all forest functions.

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Core research areas of the FVA

The concept of the Forest Research Institute in Freiburg is characterised through the mirroring of a wide spectrum of activities and the formulation of a multitude of diverse demands. Thereby the FVA follows on principle the demand of establishing and developing the following core research areas:

1. In the area of particularly long-term established investigations into the fundamentals of forest management ("Long-term Forest Research")

2. Development of techniques, instruments and decision support for the improvement of the practical forest management ("Research and Development for Practical Applications")

3. In the distribution, transfer and discussion of knowledge in communication with the most diverse corporate groups and contact persons ("Transfer of Knowledge")

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